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we begin with a developing story in northern virginia. police took to the streets with rifles and assault weapons this evening after an elderly man was found murdered. good evening. jim vance is off tonight. police swarmed a neighborhood in springfield just off the fairfax county parkway. a man was found shot in his house there. john has the latest from police. john? >> reporter: good evening. a sad story indeed. authorities kept us away from the scene. it's down at the bottom of the hill. they say it is still an active investigation. police said around 6:00 tonight, they got the report that a man was found shot. now, they had to wait for a search warrant to come. around 9:00 this evening, detectives as well as crime scene investigators were allowed to reenter the home, gathering evidence, talking to family members. not much information was released by authorities, many in the quiet neighborhood are rattled. while police blanketed the
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streets, guns drawn, residents were told to go inside until the area was secured. >> we weren't sure what was going on. it's certainly not something we see here every day. >> reporter: police say tuesday evening around 6:00 they arrived in springfield to find 75-year-old gary hanson dead in his home. >> i knew his wife a little bit better. she would walk. we'd see her more often. we would clear their driveway for them in the heavy snow. they were elderly. they had a couple of sons that lived there off and on. >> reporter: at this point in the investigation police aren't releasing much information leaving neighbors wondering how it happened. >> wonderful, beautiful neighborhood. it's always been very safe. the people are amazing. we have the best people around us. to have something like this happen is mind boggling. >> reporter: police put out a lookout for a suspect who local authorities around this area. i got off the phone with police
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and they say at this point they do not want to release the information to the public. live in fairfax county, back to you. >> john, thank you. a teenager was shot near the columbia heights metro station before 7:00 tonight. more than a dozen shell casings littered the street near 14th and columbia road as police investigated. the teenager was shot in the leg and is expected to survive. nobody has been arrested yet. the justice department clarified its stance on the anthrax investigation today after testimony in a civil case in florida appeared to contradict the fbi's findings. justice department lawyers argued in court that dr. bruce ivans didn't have the materials or equipment necessary to carry out the anthrax attacks in 2001. their claim came while defending the government against a wrongful death lawsuit. the fbi closed the case last night saying ivans was solely
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responsible for the attack. the justice department reissued court papers saying the position has not changed and last week's filing contained, quote, inaccurate information. >> the yeas are 234 -- >> the house voteded on and passed a tea party-backed proposal to balance the budget tonight. the cap cut and balance bill has a much tougher road ahead in the senate. president obama has said he will veto it. failure to reach a deal could leave the u.s. unable to pay its bills and could lead to a downgrade of the nation's credit worthiness. moody's said states that rely on federal contracts and jobs including virginia and maryland could have their ratings cut as well. the debt debate may be on the agenda when the president holds a town hall at the university of maryland on friday. the topic hasn't been announced yet but it is likely to center around the budget battle. it will be at richie colosseum
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on the college park come pus. a vote tomorrow could go a long way toward deciding from metro to dulles airport. the board of supervisors voted to accept a proposal backed by ray la hood. under the plan the station at dulles would be built above ground instead of below ground. the airport authority is expected to vote tomorrow on the same plan. its members voted to build the station under ground though it would cost a lot more. outside tonight, we have seen a lot of lightning. some have seen rain. everybody's feeling the humidity and the heat. doug's in the weather center with more on what's going on out there tonight. doug? >> we are in the midst of a heat wave and we have showers and thunderstorms as well. temperatures on the warm side. right now, 82. once again the heat index, the humidity is up, so the index is at 88 degrees. that's at 11:00. a very warm night. we'll see nothing but warm
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temperatures over the next few days. a couple of storms. a shower in fairfax county. more developing out toward the chesapeake into callbert county. in st. mary, that storm's in the northern neck of virginia. that knocked down trees. there is even more to the north. we'll talk about that and excessive heat around numerous parts of the country. i'll show you how hot i think we are going to go. >> thank you, doug. news 4 uncovered new information about an accused murderer who escaped in the district last week. it's what he was doing before his arrest that had authorities so worried when he got loose. jackie benson joins us from prince georges county police headquarters with details. >> we now know why police were especially unnerved about this escape. sources tell news 4 that in the days before his murder arrest james brewer may have been
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trying to systematically eliminate any possible witnesses against him. when police described escaped murder suspect 24-year-old james brewer as armed and dangerous they weren't kidding. in fact, they were nervous. brewer was arrested last thursday for the june 27 murder of solomon reese. the veteran was robbed and killed by three men, one of whom shot him. sources tell news 4 investigators believed as they were closing in more people started to get hurt. sunday, july 10 district heights. 26-year-old dwight hicks was shot to death while standing near a metro bus stop before 1:00 a.m. police believe he knew something about the murder of mr. reese, the elderly army veteran. sources tell news 4 james brewer is a person of interest in the murder of dwight hicks. sources say detectives are looking at brewer in connection
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with a frightening incident at this home in southeast washington just two days after the hicks murder. a molotov cocktail was thrown through the front window in the middle of the night. luckily the fire was quickly extinguished. brewer was arrested in virginia. by friday he escapeded custody and cut his hair similar to this older photo to avoid being recaptured. brewer, of course, did turn himself in after extensive media coverage. but during the 23 hours that he was on the lam, police held their breath, fearful for possible witnesses in the case. back to you. >> thank you, jackie benson from prince georges county. >> i have two bats. i have a gun. they come here, i will take them out. >> a fairfax county neighborhood is on edge tonight after a woman was sexually assaulted inside her home. it happened early saturday morning on lewis chapel circle.
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the woman's three daughters were asleep in the apartment just feet away. the attacker had a hammer when he forced his way in through a window. other neighbors have called police after discovering damage to their windows as well. three children and two adults are recovering after a tree limb fell on them this afternoon. the kids were attending the people's church summer vacation bible camp. they were visiting garfield park for a fun day. the children were marching around the tree when the large limb fell. we are told the injuries are serious but not life threatening. still ahead tonight on news 4, the phone hacking scandal in london takes an unusual turn when one of the most powerful men in the world takes a pie to the face and his wife jumps up to defend him. details about an unusual rescue when a horse got stuck in a basement. and what could make a 39-story building shake?
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[ dog barking ] >> a little chihuahua named paco managed to scare off two armed robbers at a store in california. the video was released showing guys holding up a smoke shop.
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they managed to steal cash but paco chased them out, barking at them, biting and wasn't deterred one bit by the rifle one of the men had. a family in colorado found a horse trapped in their basement. the horse named summer wound up in the basement after falling through a window well yesterday morning. rescue crews considereded trying to take it up the stairs but were concerned the stairs couldn't hold the weight. they made a hole through the cement wall. after four hours the horse walked out on its own. a 2,000 calorie dessert is being calleded one of america's unhealthiest foods according to to the center for the public interest. coldstone creamery earned an extreme eating award for the 2,000 calorie peanut butter and chocolate ice cream shoot. it beat out two cheesecake
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factory dishes including the farmhouse cheeseburger which has bacon and a fried egg on it. also on the list, provolone-stuffed meatballs and fett fettucini from applebees with 1,500 calories for a serving. a traffic ticket for president obama's motorcade and the mayor says, pay up. witnesses in yosemite report several people swept over the falls.
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now powering the lg revolution. london's mayor is telling president obama to pay up for clogging the streets of london with his motorcade. they have a congestion levy for anyone slowing traffic on city streets. the president of the united states is not excused. johnson says the u.s. motorcades
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have run up a tab of more than 5 million pounds since 2003. the u.s. refuses to pay citing the 1960 vienna convention which prohibits taxes on diplomatic missions. the head of the world's second largest media empire refused to resign over a telephone hacking scandal that has taken down some of london's most powerful. during the same hearing rupert murdoch was hit in the face with a pie, a spectacle that only heightened the world's fascination with the troubling allegations. stephanie gosk reports. >> reporter: the murdochs have made a business out of covering the story. today, they were the story. the man who runs the second largest media company in the world side by side with his son in front of members of parliament. apologetic. >> i would like to say one sentence. this is the most humble day of my life. >> reporter: from the beginning james took the lead. >> i think my son can perhaps answer that in more detail. >> reporter: it was rupert
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murdoch's wife who stepped in at the critical moment. throwing a right hook to protect her husband from a surprise pie attack. the protester, an amateur comedian who calls himself johnny marbles was arrested and led away by police. james defended executives les hinton and rebekah brooks who resigned last friday. brooks faced questions from the same panel. she was arrested on sunday over allegations of phone hacking and payments to police for information. she, too, denies knowledge of wrongdoing. >> i have never paid a policeman myself. >> reporter: today the questions for murdoch was about salvaging the reputation, a business rupert started with one paper. >> i was brought up by a father who was not rich but was a great journalist. just before he died, bought a small paper. >> reporter: james hopes to one day lead the family business. first he will have to repair the
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damage sustained over two weeks of an ever-widening scandal. stephanie gosk, nbc news, london. doug has more about the weather. we are getting the idea it will be hot this week. >> i think we talked about it enough, haven't we? >> yeah. >> today was 97. heat index got to 103. you just go, what? it's going to get warmer? it will get a lot hotter. take a look now. you can see we are dealing with partly cloudy skies across the area. a very soupy atmosphere. very warm and humid. dewpoints in the mid 70s in many locations. this is the way we'll stay for about the next five days. ford today your high temperature got up to 97. low this morning, only 79. that's well above the average low. average high was 89 degrees. excessive heat watch in effect through the day on thursday. it does include thursday. doesn't include tomorrow but we'll see the heat index around 100 again. outside now, 82 degrees.
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heat index now at 88, even at 11:00 at night an 88 degree heat index. temperature falling into the 70s. martinsburg at 74. 81 in fredricksburg. look at the heat index. 86 degrees. they were just at 92 last hour. the heat index is coming down a little bit. it will go back up tomorrow. most locations upper 90s to around 100. showers developing across the area. one making its way down into parts of charles county. this storm has just developed into st. mary's county and is strong. lightning in southern st. mary's and calvert county. knocking trees down. there is still a boundary to the north. this could come through the area. best chance of rain tonight will be in southern portions of maryland. this was the heat index this afternoon at 5:00.
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103 in our area. back toward the west, look at the numbers. 109 in st. louis. 119 in minneapolis. that was the heat index there. that extremely warm, humid air will make its way across the country over the next couple of days. back to the west today. here it comes during the day tomorrow. thursday, friday, saturday. we are in the middle of the heat. i'm telling you, it is going to be hot with temperatures above 100 degrees in many areas, i think. partly cloudy, warm and humid. 72 to 76 overnight. tomorrow morning and tomorrow afternoon mostly sunny, hot and humid with isolated thunderstorms, mostly to the west toward the mountains. 91 to about 96 degrees. similar to where we were today. with the heat index around 100 to potentially 105. by thursday, friday and saturday, actual temperatures close to 100 degrees. hazy, hot and humid with the heat index potentially over 110 in many locations. some areas even around 115. it does look like we will cool
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off by the end of the weekend into next week. we are in for big heat you want to be ready for. >> thank you, doug. still to come tonight a bride gets arrested before she can cut the cake. can cut th[ man ] i got this new citi thankyou card
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[ man ] points i could use for just about anything. ♪ ♪ there it is. [ man ] so i used mine to get a whole new perspective. ♪ [ male announcer ] the new citi thankyou premier card gives you more ways to earn points. what's your story? citi can help you write it. so our baseball team had a rough night. >> yeah, but they almost won. i'll show you. >> almost? yeah. >> i'm trying to get you excited. they had a chance here. >> okay. >> zimmerman's earned run average is fifth best just
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behind roy halladay. pretty impressive. tonight j.z. was roughed up in houston, his worst outing of the year. but the nats had a chance to win in the ninth. >> did they? >> no. bottom of the first, no score zimmerman facing angel sanchez. that one ricochets to first for the out. take a look. hits off his left shin right over to first base. it's lucky. sanchez is all smiles. zimmerman is as well. he's okay. michael moore up with a runner on. he's a good hitter indoors. two-run homer to left. ties at two. his 17th. in ris career morse has 12 homers and 48 rbis in stadiums with a roof. there you go. bottom four. houston leading 4-2. two on, two outs. zimmerman into the left field corner scoring two. the astros take a 6-2 lead.
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pitching coach steve mccatty makes a call to the bull pen. zimmerman gives up six earneded runs. ouch. 6-4 ball game. desmond to the plate. base knockeded back up the middle. alex cora races around third. he'll score. here we go. bottom six, still one run game. coffee on. michael morse goes the other way again into left. quintero scores. houston leads. after the inning was over, coffey throws the glove, tosses a cooler to the ground. >> they always pick up the cooler. >> always. >> ramos on with two outs, two on. he swings at that time change-up. that's it. the astros win 7-6. series finale tomorrow at 2:00. in baltimore, guthrie and the o's facing the red sox.
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he has the most losses in the big leagues. not tonight. shot to second. davis, diving stop to hardy to start the double play. this is glovely. >> oh, you just don't want to miss an opportunity to use it. >> that's a beautiful play. seven innings with two earned runs for guthrie. derrek lee with two outs, a man on. lee drives it deep to right. the fan in the front row makes the catch. pretty sweet. two-run homerun. lee's tenth. next batter, reynolds does the same thing lee did, crushes the hanging breaking ball. this one goes to left into the ork's bull pen. back-to-back homers. his 21st of the season. baltimore beats boston. yeah, beat your chest. the nfl p.a. executive committee wrapped up work in washington before kl tonight. the plan by negotiators is to have a draft of the settlement
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ready around noon giving players ready to view it and have the opportunity to vote in the evening. player representatives from each of the 32 teams are in d.c. working out the details of the new agreement. a group of retired players have been included in the discussion and said they would not stand in the way of an agreement. an early report said peyton manning and drew brees requested free agency as part of the settlement. brees responded on twitter saying the report was untrue tweeting i want no special perks. also, castle improved to
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search and rescue crews are combing the area around a water fall in yosemite national park in california now. witnesses said two men and a
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woman climbed over a safety net to get closer to the water when they were swept over. crews plan to search throughout the night. experts say tai bo is responsible for causing a high rise to shake in south korea. the shaking prompted hundreds of people to flee in panic. the exercise routine was recreated on the 12th floor recently. it caused the building to shake in a similar way. the building was ruled the kincaids live here.
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a bride in michigan left her wedding in handcuffs this weekend. tammy lee hinton was wanted f

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